Barometric Pressure Explained

All cruising sailors know the importance of a good weather forecast. Whether a weekend lake sailor or a blue water passage maker, knowing what kind of weather is in store is vital to a safe and more tolerable trip on the water. Paying attention to atmospheric pressure is one way of helping make decisions like when to reef or not going out at all. Air actually has a weight factor. And because of this weight and gravity, a downward pressure is … [...]

Barometric pressure explained


Home Meteorology

A home weather station is a great investment.┬áThe choice currently on the market is superb. Products vary from simple desk top monitoring devices that are very affordable up to very expensive models for the keen meteorologist. If you are just starting out, I would recommend purchasing a simple desk top weather station with an outside temperature sensor. Having an outside temperature sensor is very useful. Not only can you keep an eye on … [...]

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Predicting the Weather

Long before the 11 pm weatherman and Doppler radar, people had to rely on their observational abilities to forecast upcoming weather. For many of our ancestors, their lives depended on their ability to accurately predict upcoming weather events. Chances are, you will never be in a situation where your forecasting ability will determine your survival, but hey, you never know. In this article, we will look at a few different ways you can predict … [...]

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